Client: Fernandes Constructions

Project: Epping Walkway Bridge, Epping NSW

Barnson’s Role: Design, and structural and civil engineering design and drafting

Time frame: Completed 2008

Fernandes Constructions is a renowned civil engineering construction company who have been in the industry for more than 30 years. Their company vision is to “maintain consolidated growth”. The company is highly regarded and well respected in many aspects of construction but are recognised mostly for their specialisation in bridge construction.

Fernandes Constructions sought initial design advice from Barnson who were enthusiastic to embark on a major project that involved working closely with related Government bodies. Barnson were subsequently engaged to assist in the design of a covered overpass pedestrian walkway bridge at Epping Railway Station across Beecroft Road, with wheelchair access lifts at either end of the bridge.

The impetus for such a walkway came with the building of a new Epping Railway Station. The State Government’s Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (TIDC) required a practical and complementary bridge to cater to the needs of all railway commuters. Fernandes Constructions won the tender to design and construct the overpass pedestrian bridge and associated infrastructure, and with Barnson on board Fernandes Construction began the project in 2006.

This was Barnson’s first exposure to a major project dealing with Sydney-based Roads and Traffic Authority and the State Rail Authority. Getting designs approved by the government client, though challenging at times, was greatly enhanced by regular design meetings and keeping lines of client communication open. Such challenges are not unusual in a government-based project or in a location such as this.

Barnson kept informed and up to date with the latest government-based regulations and constraints throughout the project and as a result gained a significant amount of knowledge on working within the guidelines of government departments.

When significant client-initiated additions were made involving urban renewal and streetscape works, Barnson produced additional documentation and design work in limited time to satisfy the client's, and local government requirements. One of the reasons that the project was a success was the availability of senior, key personnel from Barnson who readily became involved. This project met the expectations of Barnson and Fernandes Constructions with the result being a visually pleasing, modern, and practical overpass pedestrian bridge at Epping Railway Station.