In a move that opens up a great range of options in the residential housing market, Barnson has developed an exciting new range of house designs that are suited to blocks of all shapes and sizes and ideally matched to rural and regional lifestyles.

The high-quality range of professional-designed homes includes over 20 designs from three ranges; freedom, executive, and signature, to suit your needs. The ranges include designs such as the three-bedroom Tuscan, Franklin, and Dayton up to the six-bedroom Milton and Oakland designs, with lots of choices in between.

This range offers a design that can be customised to suit your block, your needs, and your budget. Barnson also has a team of professionals who can help you navigate your way through the sometimes confusing process of designing a house, from assessing the site conditions to obtaining Council approval, and choosing the right finishes and builder.

Barnson can also support builders and developers in designing new homes that meet the Complying Development requirements for local councils throughout Central West NSW. Complying development refers to building works that comply with specific building standards and can be routinely approved and certified by Council or a Private Certifier within 14 days of lodgement.

For anyone with an existing block who is trying to find a creative, appealing and family-friendly design, Barnson’s range is the ideal solution. And if you haven’t found the right block yet, we can help you with that as well.