Client: Australian Fresh Milk Holdings Pty Ltd

Project: Milking Parlour at The Angle Dairy, Gooloogong NSW

Barnson’s Role: Building design, hydraulic design, geotechnical investigation and testing, and structural design

Time frame: Started early 2016, staged work will continue over the next few years

Moxey Farms, near Forbes in the state's central west, was a family owned and operated dairy farm and Australia's largest single-dairy site. In 2015 the Moxeys joined Australian Fresh Milk Holdings, a four-way partnership between Leppington Pastoral Company, ASX-listed Freedom Foods and Chinese owned New Hope Dairy Holdings.

Their aim in this project is to increase and expand production by building a new milking parlour plus tunnel barns and associated concrete pits. The project will create 30 new jobs and boost milk production which was at 50 million litres in 2015. Taking its herd to 5,500, with 140 staff, this $100 million project will double the dairy's current milking capacity.

The project was complex due to the short time frame. To add complexity, the plans came from America and were required to be converted to comply to Australian standards.

Building work started early in 2016 stage one will saw staff milking cows in the new milking parlour in July 2016. The work will continue in stages over the next few years.