St Johns College

" The Barnson team keep everything simple and understandable and continually acted in the interest of the College. From the definition of the job requirements to the final negotiations, Barnson consistently provided outstanding service on a timely basis. "

Solar Carport

"We fostered a strong relationship with the company, based on our ability to meet project deadlines and deliver on budget. This has flowed on to other smaller projects around the facility that needed attention while the major building upgrade progresses.”

Dubbo Regional Airport Expansion

Barnson was the successful tenderer for the structural and geotechnical engineering design for the expansion project. The project included doubling the capacity of the existing departure lounge, providing a new café, toilets and passenger screening area. The brief also included providing better circulation space within the baggage handling area and ensuring that the structure has the capacity for future growth. That meant an expansion that could have a second storey added and accommodate lateral expansion in the future.