Barnson’s experienced team of registered surveyors understands the importance of precision and speed in the delivery of survey information to keep our clients’ projects moving.

We are dedicated to understanding your requirements and we recognise that clear communication is a critical part of providing accurate surveying solutions.

Our surveying professionals use the latest in-field and desktop technology to solve surveying problems, large and small. Our field crews collect digital data for streamlined processing with CivilCad and AutoCAD.

Barnson specialises in delivering a wide range of survey solutions including cadastral surveys, engineering surveys and mining surveys for the government, commercial and industrial sectors throughout NSW.

They include: 

  • Urban and rural subdivision design and management
  • Strata and community title developments
  • Building set outs
  • Boundary surveys
  • Engineering set out surveys for buildings, roads and services
  • GPS surveys
  • Stockpile, quarry earthworks volume surveys
  • Work-As-Executed surveys
  • Underground mine surveys for coal and metalliferous mines
  • Open-cut surveys for volume calculations
  • Stockpile surveys for volume calculations


Chris Orr, Builder, Umina, NSW

I had heard how great these guys are to work with, so I decided to engage the Barnson team to undertake survey work for me within the Mudgee area.  Barnson communicated with me every step of the way and was able to quickly advise and assist me with all relevant regulatory processes that were required in each project, that’s why I keep coming back to Barnson!

Chris Orr, Builder, Umina, NSW