Kintyre Country Living

The Client

BAWD Property Trust is a group who develops, builds, manages and invests in real property in regional NSW and has been operating for approximately ten years. Their interest in property is diverse and encompasses commercial, industrial and residential (including specialised communities) sectors. BAWD focuses on regional locations where they believe they have a competitive advantage due to their local knowledge and business relationships. The company’s values include integrity, innovation, prudence, equity and lawfulness. The company is environmentally and socially conscious and they enjoy what they do.

The Challenge

In 2001, BAWD engaged Barnson to help design 152 x Independent Senior Living Units on 20 acres of landscaped gardens which included a community centre. BAWD saw a need for this type of residential living specifically in Dubbo that could provide safe and comfortable living in a country style surround with city convenience.

Our Approach

Knowing the diversity of services that Barnson provide, BAWD engaged Barnson to supply the necessary supporting information and assistance to obtain development approval and a construction certificate from Dubbo City Council for the project. Barnson was able to secure the necessary approvals through a team of specialists which included town planners, environmental consultants, building designers, surveyors, civil engineers and project management. Throughout the process Barnson staff ensured that each of the services complied with relevant development standards and codes including adherence to senior living guidelines and incorporating sustainable and environmental measures.

Several challenges presented themselves during the initial stages of the project and had to be quickly addressed and rectified, such as modifications to the stages of development and unit type design. Challenges like this are not unusual in a project such as this and Barnson acted promptly to minimise the delay. Other changes to the project have been made along the way, at each time with full consultation and cooperation between BAWD principals and Barnson staff. Communication remained open throughout these modifications between all parties which also involved Dubbo City Council; this was evident when changes were made to a planned heavily vegetated berm which was to grow around the estate along the Newell Highway boundary in order to curb the noise from the highway. Amicably, Council and Barnson were able to review this matter and agreed to forego the berm and rely on heavy vegetation and proposed setbacks.

The Result

Kintyre Estate is now home to a number of residents, and construction continues on Stage 3 which is being completed utilising the services of local builders and tradespersons. Kintyre Estate is growing under the watchful eye of Barnson Project Manager, Scott Strahorn. With regular communication, defined lines each step of the way and a single contact person, BAWD is kept up-to-date with every process.

Barnson is proud to be associated with BAWD on this continuing project and is delighted to have been involved from the inception of the idea through to completion. Barnson sincerely wishes BAWD Property Trust success on this and future projects.