Terrabile Creek Bridge

Barnson was instrumental in replacing one of the oldest wooden bridges in the Gilgandra Shire this year, much to the delight of locals.

The Terrabile Creek Bridge at Curban has long been a part of the Curban community, particularly as farmers were transporting grain after harvest.

 But the ageing timber bridge, north of Gilgandra, had become increasingly unreliable. While the bridge was sturdy, it was not strong enough for heavy traffic and had been downgraded to a 12 tonne limit.

Thanks to a low interest loan from the NSW Government, Gilgandra Shire was able to replace the ageing structure with a two-lane pre-cast concrete structure, eight metres wide and costing $1.2 million.

Although the 12-week construction period was hampered by wet weather earlier in the year, the local community was pleased with the end result when the bridge was officially opened in May.

The Barnson team was responsible for:

  • the hydraulic study
  • geotechnical report
  • REF (review of environmental factors)
  • tendering
  • contracts administration.

Project manager, Adam Webb said the biggest challenge was balancing the cost of the approach works with the remaining budget. 

“The Civil Engineer drew multiple schematics showing curvature of the southern approach for different design speeds,” Adam said. “These were then overlayed onto the survey of the existing road to determine which design speed would reduce the cut and fill so we could maximise the design speed, but stay within budget.”

As the bridge is the only way out of the area in times of serious flooding, its replacement has been important to local residents.