Barnson was engaged by Lend Lease Bouygues Joint Venture as one of the civil and structural designers for the temporary works for the NorthConnex project. The NorthConnex project is a 9km tunnel to be cut about 60m below ground linking the M1 to the M2. The tunnel will roughly follow the Pennant Hills Road route.

Led by Bathurst Director, Richard Noonan, Barnson was responsible for the civil and structural design of temporary works at four main sites. The sites were located along Pennant Hills Road where spoil is being extracted. Each of these sites had their own challenges and peculiarities. Designs that were not specific to each site were required to be made and then modified to suit each of the sites, including site personnel options at each location.

The temporary works designed by Barnson include:

  • Spoil Removal
  • Site Drainage Systems
  • Tunnel Excavator Bridge Members
  • Temporary Structures for the Support of Machinery
  • Retaining Walls (including spoil retaining walls)

The temporary works are required to be constructed to allow the safe construction of the permanent works. Safety is paramount to the client, and thus all designs had to undergo a safety in design review and feedback from stakeholders incorporated. Some of the work such as the spoil removal sheds will be demolished after the completion of the tunnel.

Client: Lend Lease Bouygues Joint Venture

Project: Temporary Works Civil and Structural Engineering Design for NorthConnex

Description: Design of temporary works for NorthConnex project

Barnson’s Role: Structural and Civil Engineering Design and Consultancy

Cost: Approximately $9 billion

Time Frame: Estimated completion end of 2018