An updated bushfire season outlook has been released by the Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC and AFAC following the second wettest winter on record. As can be seen from this map, the entire central part of NSW has now been identified as being subject to an ‘above normal’ bushfire potential.

Following above average winter rains, central NSW has seen prolific grass growth. Combined with the expected above-average temperatures during summer, this is expected to mean greater available fuel and increased potential for bushfires.

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) revised their guide for the mapping of bushfire-prone land last year. It now includes grasslands as bushfire-prone vegetation.This will see significant changes to the extent of bushfire prone land being included on councils’ mapping. This means that bushfire will be a consideration for many more developments as part of Development Applications (DA), Complying Development Certificates (CDC) and Construction Certificates (CC).

Location, design and management of development plays a critical role in minimising the impact of bushfire on development. Consideration of these factors early on the development design process will provide you with the best outcomes for your development both in terms of protection from bushfire and cost.

Our qualified team can provide you with advice on how to best locate and design your development to minimise impact from bushfire. We can also provide you with the reporting necessary for development approvals and help you negotiate the approvals processes.

Our bushfire services include:

  • assisting with site selection, layout and design of development
  • preparation of Bushfire Assessment Reports to accompany DAs in bushfire prone areas, including both acceptable and alternative solutions in accordance with the RFS Planning for Bush Fire Protection
  • preparation of Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments in accordance with both Method 1 and 2 of the Australian Standard AS3959-2009: Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.