Barnson has new Geospatial Analyst and Cartographer operating out of its Mudgee office, increasing the range of mapping and geospatial services available. Dennis Capparelli comes to Barnson with experience from an international engineering consultancy company, where he undertook a variety of projects for a vast range of clients in different disciplines.

The wide range of mapping and geospatial services on offer now includes spatial measurement, proximity analysis, the overlaying of spatial data, terrain and elevation analysis, and network analysis. We can produce paper, screen and online cartographic products to map any data for any use. Aerial photography can also be provided for mapping or to underlay other plans.

Our GIS and database services include support in building and maintaining GIS systems and normal and geospatial databases. From data collection to asset tracking and the digitization of plans and other records, we can manage the whole process through to data cleansing and database development ending with implementation and administration of standalone databases or web GIS systems.